“Big Brother” is safe

Andrew Gunn derides any concerns that the Ministry of Health’s Covid tracer app is “Big Brother gone mad” (‘The Ministry of Health’s NZ COVID Tracer app is “Big Brother gone mad” ……’, 23/5).


The article is labelled “Opinion/Satire”, which of course is simply a licence to jettison the few remaining constraints on the expression of woke journalistic opinion.  “Can’t you take a joke!?” is what he’d deploy to counter any objection – forgetting how recently woke journalists abhorred this response from men accused of misogyny.  No “satire” on the wrong side of the fence, apparently.

Gunn’s article inadvertently raises another issue.  His blithe acceptance of the Big Brother label reminds me that, for some time, there have been a number of gender-specific expressions that feminists have not tried to gender-neutralise and appropriate – such as middleman, yesman, conman, hitman and boogyman.  Big Brother is another.  I assume there are others.

The feminists’ focus has been on concepts and roles they want to appropriate, like “chairman” and “policeman”.  They are outraged by the “glass ceiling”, which they say thwarts their upward career trajectory towards executive management and the like; but they don’t even mention the “glass floor” that preserves them from doing work that is seriously dirty, damaging and dangerous.  No “empowerment” to be found beneath the glass floor – only work.

That’s why, in the woke culture that is being imposed on us, we are very unlikely to hear of “yespersons” and “boogypersons” etc, even though there are plenty of female practitioners around the place. The reason: the rather self-serving assertion that women are morally superior, they don’t make moral compromises and they cannot be dangerous.  Top this up with “Believe all women”, and all is well: nothing to see here.

And the feminists complain about male narcissism!