“White” what?

A recent Dominion Post / Stuff editorial informs us that a “white supremacist” group has been causing alarm at Auckland University by putting up posters.


It might be true, the group terrorising the campus with posters might be a white supremacist group.  “Might be”, that’s the news.  “Might be”, because the group is not named, so it is impossible for the reader to check.  What does the reader do – trust the editor?

There was a time when I would have considered trusting a news editor.  Not anymore.

We live in era of maliciously false labelling, a practice employed widely in the media – certainly in Stuff and the Dominion Post.  The most common mislabelling is the label “hate speech”, which is attached to anyone who disagrees with “progressive” dogma.

However, “white supremacist” is another label used in the same way.  It is attached not only to actual supremacists (who believe the “white race” is superior to others) but also to people who are simply worried that the white race faces extinction.  Their worry or fear may or may not be fanciful: that’s worth discussing, perhaps some facts could calm them down.  On the other hand, the facts might justify their sense of alarm.

These white worriers may not be dangerous.  Or they may be.  It depends on what they say and do.  But they are not supremacist.  Some might also be supremacist.  But, some are not, they’re just afraid.

Another popular falsehood is that racial supremacism is always “white”.  It is clearly not true.

Consider, for example, the Nation of Islam in the US.  (I should hasten to say that this is not a mainstream Muslim organisation.)  They seriously teach that the evil white race was created artificially (by close breeding) a few thousand years ago, on an island in the Aegean.  They mean it.

I think we whites (I’m afraid I am one) also have a little Neanderthal in us (https://www.the-scientist.com/news-opinion/neanderthal-ancestry-in-europeans-unchanged-for-last-45-000-years-65364).  I suppose that’s as good a basis as any for working up a supremacist theory at our expense: time will tell.

Anyway, this kind of editorial is a part of the near-constant propagandising we are subjected to by Stuff.